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We will contribute to the future of medicine and your health.

In July 2019, H.U. Cells, Inc. was established for the purpose of promoting business in the area of regenerative medicine and cell therapy in the H.U. Group.

Under the concept of Healthcare for You, the H.U. Group is committed to providing a wide range of medical services to its customers, centering on in vitro diagnostic products, contract clinical laboratory testing, sterilization, and other services.
With the addition of H.U. Cells, Inc. as a group company, we believe that the Group will be able to respond to its customers' increasingly diverse needs for regenerative medicine and cell therapy by providing higher value-added services and products.

As a member of the H.U. Group, H.U. Cells, Inc. will contribute to the future of medicine and your health through sincere efforts, such as continually taking on challenges in cutting-edge areas which change day to day.

Representative Director and President Kazuya Omi

Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Corporate name H.U.Cells, Inc.
Headquarters 50 Fuchigami, Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan
TEL +81-50-2000-4558
Foundation July 22, 2019
Capital stock 50 million yen
Representative Kazuya Omi, Representative Director and President
Purpose of establishment Preparation and review for starting business in the field of regenerative medicine and cell medicine
Description of business Research and development /manufacturing/import/export/sales of cell- and tissue-derived products of living organisms, including humans
Preservation/testing/transportation of cells and tissues of living organisms, including humans
Other businesses incidental or related to the above business

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JR Itsukaichi Line:3 – minutes walk from Musashi Hikida Station

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